An Entertainment Company

We like entertainment, so we make it; because having fun is fun, and not having fun is not fun. Therefore it is better to have fun than to not have fun. So we do, and want you to, too. Or if there's two of you, then we want you two to, too, too.

Fair Fun

As much fun as fun is, it's only fun if it's fair. Fair to everyone involved, players and developers. What does this mean to you? Well, it means we're making some promises, and if you ever feel we're not living up to them, call us on it. This list will no doubt expand and be clarified over time, but here's what we have so far:

  • We will never charge for chance items.
  • You will always know what you pay for.
  • In-game advertising will never interrupt during play.


Currently in beta (and coming out soon) is a new kind of word game, Babble.

Feel free to give the beta a swing and send us your feedback or mock us for the bugs. (Ideally with a hint on how to make the bug happen, makes it so much easier for us to fix it).

Contact Us

So, you want to take us up on that mocking? We admire your enthusiasm.
General enquiries can email us at
Press enquiries, please use 
 Legal stuff goes to
 Adoration is preferred public and grossly overstated, so grab us on social media for that.